Guyana Water Incorporated



To achieve a sustainable and economic level of leakage, to achieve a good level of service and allow GWI to move towards providing a 24/7 uninterrupted supply.


Demonstrate year on year leakage reduction. It must develop new processes for dealing with leakage and continue to embrace new technologies to combat leakage. Successfully direct inspection teams to areas of high leakage, to ensure that repair teams and inspection teams have adequate tools and materials to complete jobs on the first visit, and to allocate suitable resources to areas where it is required.

This will Ensure that the prime data sources are updated and that all measuring and recording devices are maintained to provide accurate data.

Contact Information for Reporting Leaks

Leakage Hotline number: 227-8701

Divisional telephone numbers:

1 Essequibo - 771-4301 or 771-4162
2 West Coast Demerara - 264-2279 or 264-2845
3 Georgetown - 227-8701
3 East Bank Demerara - 233-5042 or 233-5044
3 East Coast Demerara - 229-6156, 229-6170 or 270-1240
3 Linden - 444-6108
4 West Berbice - 328-2655 or 328-2322
5 East Berbice - 322-0780 or 322-0477

Procedure for Reporting Leaks:

1. Customer makes complaint via:

Leakage hotline number (227-8701)
Phone call to divisional office
Visit to divisional office

2. When a phone call or visit is made to the divisional office, a check of the database is made to verify the operation of the well serving the area. If this checks out okay, then a check is made for any on going work in the area that may have resulted in a disruption of service to customers. It should be noted however that in such cases, announcements are usually made beforehand to customers in the affected area.

When a complaint is made via the leakage hotline number, during working hours, the procedure followed is the same as the above. However, a complaint made outside working hours is recorded using voice-mail for subsequent entry into the complaints database.

3. If by a check of the database it is reasonable to assume that the complaint may be attributed to either of the scenarios mentioned; then the customer is informed of the nature of the disruption and an estimated time is given for the resumption of normal service. The complaint is then entered as resolved in the database and a record is kept.

4. A complaint that is not attributed to the non-operation of a well or ongoing work by GWI, is entered into the complaints database and given a reference number for action to be taken. This reference number is issued to the customer so that he/she may follow up on resolving the complaint without causing a redundancy in the database. Usually, a complaint should be resolved within three working days of it being made.

On-the-other-hand, when a complaint is made via the leakage hotline and recorded by voice-mail, a call is returned to the customer to issue him/her with the complaint reference number providing that he/she gives his/her phone number during the recording. If no phone number is given, then the customer would not be able to obtain the reference number unless a follow-up is done.

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