Guyana Water Incorporated

Customer Services

Contact the Customer Services Call Centre on 227-8701, 227-8703 or 227-8704 | E-mail:

To receive your GWI Bill via e-mail: send your name, address and telephone number to the e-mail address: or call 227-8701, 227-8703 or 227-8704

The Customer Relations & Commercial Services Department is responsible for billing all customers, the accounts receivable, debt recovery and complaints resolution.

Since July 2006, the company implemented Hi-Affinity, a tailored customer billing and management software. This software has made it possible for customers to receive their water bills and requests for new payment arrangements at precise times in the year and in a timely manner. The standardization of billing arrangements, cash collections and debt recovery, which will improve the Guyana Water Inc. cash flow position, are currently being pursued.

Customers' Notebook

GWI's procedures do not allow for the transfer of accounts from one property to another. You are required to notify GWI about your removal and to properly terminate that service before applying for a new one. Failure to notify GWI about your removal from a premises would result in the Company continuing to bill the service in your name which could hamper any other application you may make.

When applying for a business or residential service, you must present a Tenancy Agreement/Contract
signed by the property owner or Power of Attorney, and a valid form of identification. If you had a
previous contract with GWI, the account must be fully settled before you are allowed to receive another.

Your Water Bill:

*Look for the READING DATES on your water bill. The two dates represent the period for which you are
being billed. The UNITS USED indicate the amount of water you have consumed.

*Keep your water bills, receipts, customer deposit slips and reconnection slips in good order. They could
become useful if you have to query your account.

*When you pay your water bills, you must present a whole bill that is not crumpled or folded.
Crushed/creased bills create unnecessary delays at the cash counter.

*When you pay your water bills it is your responsibility to collect a receipt from the cashier at ALL times

*All billing and other service queries must be directed to the Director ,Commercial Commercial Services &
Customer Relations at SHELTER BELT , Georgetown or to the Commercial Departments in your district.

*Reports of emergencies must be made to the Emergency Operator at 227-8701 during the hours of 08:00h – 16:30h from Mondays to Thursdays and on Fridays during 08:00h to 15:30h.

*Meter readers and all GWI STAFF Members must present their identification cards at all times before being permitted to enter your premises.

Your WATER supply could be disconnected for:

*Failure to pay for GWI’s service or make deferred payment arrangements by the date of disconnection;
*Failure to comply with the terms of a deferred payment agreement;
*Using GWI’s service in a manner which interferes with the service of others such as pumping from the
*Failure to pay a Construction deposit as stipulated by GWI after notice was served.
*Failure of the guarantor to pay the amount guaranteed, when GWI has a written agreement, signed by
the Guarantor that allows for disconnection of the Guarantor's service.
*Service was connected without GWI’s authority by a person(s) who has not made application for service;
*Service was reconnected without GWI’s authority after termination for nonpayment;
*Tampering with GWI's connections and meters
*Delinquency in payment for service by a previous occupant of the premises;
*Failure to pay for a different class of service unless charges for such service were included on that
account's bill at the time service was initiated;
*Failure to pay charges arising from an under billing

Water is life , save it , water is costly , pay for it

GWI urges customers to utilize the following Commercial Offices’ Hotline Numbers within their respective area, Mondays through Fridays. These numbers are accessible in event of customer complaints regarding: service disruption, vandalism, leakage, billing queries, service connection and any related information.

Hotline Numbers:

• Division 1 – Anna Regina, Essequibo Coast 771-4301
• Division 2 – Pourdroyen, West Bank Demerara 264-2279
• Division 3 – Peter’s Hall, East Bank Demerara 233-5024
• Division 3 – McKenzie Linden 444-8118, 444-2551
• Division 3 – Enterprise, East Coast Demerara 229-6156, 229-6170
• Division 3 – Shelter Belt- Georgetown 227-8701, 225-0471
• Division 4 – Onverwagt West Coast Berbice 328-2656, 2655
• Division 5 – Chesney, East Berbice 332-0477 , 335-4446

Customers are reminded that non-payment of any outstanding water bill WILL result in immediate disconnection, and are therefore advised to make timely payments at any of the following locations: GWI offices as shown on the bill, Bill Express, Post Offices, Citizens Bank, Republic Bank and GBTI Bank.